Pollution Prevention

pollution.fwWith new research reporting that London’s poor air quality problem is responsible for as many as 9,400 deaths in the Capital each year, more than twice as many people as previously thought, wheel alignment portal AlignMyCar is encouraging motorists to carry out five simple steps to help them reduce their emissions and improve air quality across the UK.
“Diesel cars are being widely blamed as the major cause of the UK’s air quality crisis, but regardless of the type of fuel powering your car, there are a number of simple steps you can take to cut down your emissions,” comments Kathryn Beaurain, spokesperson for AlignMyCar. “And because you’ll be using less fuel by taking these simple steps, not only will you help you improve air quality, but your wallet will benefit too!”

The first area AlignMyCar recommends checking are tyre pressures as under-inflated tyres require more energy to turn, resulting in an increased fuel consumption and higher emissions. When tyres are under-inflated by just 20 percent (around 6psi) around 3 percent more fuel is used.
When replacing tyres, motorists are also urged to consider switching to ‘Eco’ or low rolling resistance tyres. Tyre retailers will be able to recommend a suitable tyre for your car but drivers can also consult the standard tyre labels which give a fuel efficiency rating from A-G. Choosing A-rated tyres over G-rated tyres could help drives to reduce their fuel consumption by as much as 7.5 percent.

The final tyre tip provided by AlignMyCar is to have your car’s wheel alignment checked at least once a year or every 12,000 miles. Car’s suffering from misalignment will ‘drag’ their tyres along the road surface, again leading to high fuel consumption and increased emissions as well as more rapid tyre wear.
In addition to better tyre care, other vehicle-related improvements encouraged by AlignMyCar include removing any unnecessary weight from inside the car as well as making it more aerodynamic by removing any unused roof racks, roof boxes or bike carriers.
Finally, motorists should also think about smarter driving techniques which include better anticipation of traffic flow so they can accelerate more smoothly, brake less often and use the car’s natural momentum.
“Our air quality crisis will not be solved by drivers adopting these simple steps alone, but it’s important that we all do what we can to help reduce our emissions and these tips provide an easy and practical starting point. Of course, if any drivers are unsure about any aspects of the tyre advice, they can call into one of the 350+ AlignMyCar centres around the UK who will be delighted to help.”

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