Abbey Motorsport Ltd (Oxted, Surrey)

Aligning a racing Renault...

Aligning a racing Renault…

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Abbey Motorsport is a small family run automotive business that has successfully been trading for almost 50yrs! Located in Oxted, Surrey the team of 6 enjoy specialising in Performance cars, Japanese Vehicles (Nissan Skylines, 350/370Z’s and the ToyotaGt86/Subaru BRZ) however the team are happy to work on all vehicles that come their way! Boasting top spec kit that includes an in-house 2wd and 4wd Dynapack Hub Dynamometer with a purpose built, remote controlled air induction and extraction system, ASNU system to clean and test injectors, and the all-important Hunter Four Wheel Aligner that is used daily across all cars that come in, The Hunter is proving to be a very important part of the Abbey Motorsport service benefits.

We asked Mark Gillam – Company Director a few questions…

1. What do you feel is your main company objective?
To provide excellent customer service with unbiased knowledge and expertise. The Hunter Elite TD machine helps us to do that a lot with its easy to read and clear customer focused printouts.

A 350z race car ready to battle Silverstone

A 350z race car ready to battle Silverstone

2. What is your favourite car you have had in to work on?
“Every car is special in our eyes”.

3. Do you have any current projects happening at Abbey Motorsport?
“We always have a few projects on the go and at the moment we are embracing an exciting project of re-shelling a customer’s 32GTR Track car. We also run a Toyota GT86 as a demo car, this is fitted with suspension upgrades and supercharged Engine upgrades – this car is continually being worked on and improved.”

4. Does your company participate in any team activities outside of work? What events do you have planned for 2016?
“We run a few cars in Motorsport, I myself drive a Nissan 350Z that I compete in a mini endurance series run by MSV (Motorsport Vision) We are also heavily involved with a top end drift car raced by Steve Baggsy We use the Hunter four wheel aligner on Steve’s vehicle for the important accurate suspension set up that is demanded for drift racing”.

5. What is the most frequently asked question by a customer?
“Why should I have my alignment checked every service.”

6. What is your “Top Tip” for any car owner?
“To have their wheel alignment checked at every service, wheel alignment is always overlooked by the customer but we feel it’s an important check to ensure a car is being properly maintained to the correct standard.

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