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The UK sadly lags behind much of the rest of the world not only in terms of the number and quality of professional wheel alignment service centres available, but also in the level of understanding motorists have about the need for four wheel alignment.

It is no wonder then that there are such variations in levels of ‘Wheel Alignment Servicing’ available in our high streets today.

To help raise standards and aim to create a consistent, high quality service, we recognised it would take a two pronged approach:

1) Help educate the trade – on the need for standards and delivering proper quality wheel alignment.
2) Help inform the motorist – on what four wheel alignment is, the need for the service and what to look for when booking a service.

Pro-Align is the UK’s leading wheel alignment specialist / supplier of wheel servicing equipment and we are already championing a call/campaign for improving wheel alignment servicing standards within the trade sector. As sponsors of AlignMyCar ,we are using our experience in the field of four wheel alignment to create an online educational ‘information station’ to help motorists and enthusiasts alike to find out all they need to know about four wheel alignment and wheel alignment servicing. Armed with this advice hopefully you, the British motoring public, can make fully informed decisions as to what is best for you and your car.

Knowledge is the key!

Note: The alignment centres available on this site are all independently owned, and although they have been trained by Pro-Align on the use of their Hunter alignment equipment and given ‘best practice’ guidance, we cannot be held responsible for the wheel alignment service actually delivered.

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