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ktm-x-bow_600x0wWhat’s on your ‘dream wish list’ ? For most motoring enthusiasts it is likely to be a Specialist or Supercar! In the past the process of manufacturing of prestigious cars was a very secretive affair, however many motor manufacturers are opening their doors and giving everyone the opportunity to see how they are made through television documentary styled programmes. So has any anyone watch the Discovery Channel ‘How it’s made – Dream Cars’ episode where they were following the build of a KTM Xbow?

If you haven’t seen it yet, click here!

Amazing! But have you ever wondered what happens about getting the alignment right? Well this episode shows just that and even better they use the Hunter imaging system (17.12 minute in), just the same as you would, if you go to one of the AlignMyCar centres! So although you may not have the Supercar, you can have a Hunter alignment just like a supercar!

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