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With Silverstone being the heart of British Motorsport, what a location to base a world class tyre fitting and car accessory business – Black N Rounds opened at the circuit around 12 months ago providing a service to supply and fit all makes of tyres to cars, vans, bikes and even race cars!

Directors Dave O’Neill and Pete Woolford both of whom have lived and worked locally for some time have had decades of experience within the motorsport industry and basing the company ethos around this experience follow high attention to detail standards and cleanliness combined with excellent customer service and a value for money approach.

With a large and well equipped workshop, Black N Rounds can supply all makes of road and race tyres and also have the facility to inflate them using nitrogen. They can also offer customers safe storage of their cherished road and race cars. The Company drives an environmental friendly profile ensuring that where possible it has minimum impact and 90% of its used tyres are recycled.

We asked Director, Pete Woolford a few questions about the company…

image8What is your favourite car you have had in for work?

“It is difficult to say, but we like the variety! One minute we have an expensive track day car, (Ferrari, Porsche, single seater etc) then next an everyday saloon car or hatchback! They all have their own challenges, it’s just a good feeling putting any problems right.”

Does your company participate in any team activities outside of work? What events do you have planned for 2016?

“We are the approved 2016 supplier of Yokohama tyres to the Alfa shop Alfa Romeo championship so we are really looking forward to helping all the competitors for the race season ahead”

We also have a very strong relationship with our local Rugby team Towcestrians and help out whenever we can. One of our directors is Daryl Eales the owner of Oxford United FC, so it goes without saying we hope they can push for promotion this season”

What is the most frequently asked question by a customer?

“Apart from price, it’s normally how do I get more mileage out of my tyres and our answer is always the same – Make sure tyres are pressured correctly and all pointing in the right direction. We always ask the customer if they would like to look at the Hunter Alignment screen before we make any adjustments to the geometry so they have a better understanding of what’s needed, but generally the customer has a much better understanding than some give them credit for”

What is your “Top Tip” for any car owner?

“Check your tyre pressures at least once a month, the tyre can be massively underinflated and you may not realise the damage this could be causing to the tyres construction and the vehicles handling.”

To find out more about Black N Rounds please visit their website or call 01327 858 044.

Both Dave and Pete welcome visitors to the company where they serve fantastic coffee, love talking tyres and have an F1 car always on site! So why not pop in if you’re nearby and get your road/track day/race car set up ready for some testing!






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