Prevention is better than the cure

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than the cure, and when it comes badly worn tyres, this is certainly the case. If you’re fitting a new set of tyres to your car, it’s likely you’ll be paying out several hundreds of pounds. While we fully appreciate the critical role that your tyres play […]

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Straighten up and drive right…

One of the tell-tale signs that your car’s wheels are misaligned is that you have a crooked steering wheel, even when you’re driving straight. But what causes this to happen and how can your AlignMyCar centre fix this? When your car’s wheels are aligned, a measurement is taken of the vehicle’s thrust angle. This angle […]

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Get the new car feeling without the cost

With new cars sales in the UK remaining incredibly buoyant, many of us are becoming increasingly familiar and enjoying the ‘new car’ driving experience. Not only does a new car look good and smell good too, it’s normally also a pleasure to drive. Having just left the showroom, it performs exactly as the vehicle manufacturer […]

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SAS Reset: The final alignment stage

Until relatively recently, if you needed your car’s geometry adjusting following a wheel alignment check, the final stage of the job would be for your garage to make sure that your steering wheel was level. Nowadays however, as cars are packed with more modern safety systems, this simply isn’t the case and unless your workshop […]

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Bram Racing (Featherstone, Yorkshire)

Find on our centre locator Bram Racing is a small, family run garage located in Featherstone – West Yorkshire. The business has been developed and managed passionately by Michelle and her husband, Spencer and their son Brad is the engineer behind the work performed. Bram Racing are proud to be Wheel Alignment Specialists and are […]

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Choose alignment, not luck, to keep you safe

As St. Patrick’s day celebrations get into full swing, you might be considering how you can secure own ‘luck of the Irish.’ Whether you decide to maybe take a punt on the lottery, or even a flutter at Cheltenham this week, one area where you shouldn’t take a chance on is your car’s wheel alignment. […]

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Queens Park Garage (Bournemouth, Dorset)

Find on our centre locator Acquired by the Haines family in 1976 as a petrol station and repair garage, Queens Park Garage remains true to the values and service of a traditional family run business, with the technology and know-how of a 21st century outlook. Queens Park Garage offers a one stop solution for all […]

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Jet Wheel Tyre (Benfleet, Essex)

Find on our centre locator Jet Wheel Tyre is a family run business that started with a single unit in 1989, now it has expanded to three depots across the South East. The flagship store in Benfleet, has won the Pirelli Performance Centre of the Year twice and maintains a Pirelli Performance Centre Platinum award. […]

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Abbey Motorsport Ltd (Oxted, Surrey)

Find on our centre locator Abbey Motorsport is a small family run automotive business that has successfully been trading for almost 50yrs! Located in Oxted, Surrey the team of 6 enjoy specialising in Performance cars, Japanese Vehicles (Nissan Skylines, 350/370Z’s and the ToyotaGt86/Subaru BRZ) however the team are happy to work on all vehicles that […]

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