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Hunter_Wheel_AlignmentBram Racing is a small, family run garage located in Featherstone – West Yorkshire. The business has been developed and managed passionately by Michelle and her husband, Spencer and their son Brad is the engineer behind the work performed. Bram Racing are proud to be Wheel Alignment Specialists and are pro-active they offer a free Hunter alignment check to anyone using the garage. They also offer top spec suspension work, tyres and have an online shop.

One of Bram Racing’s passions is working with Track and Drift cars, offering drivers bespoke custom alignment/car set ups, which are saved and recorded.

The garage’s main aim is to make all customers, male, female, young and old feel confident about the advice and work carried out, also to feel comfortable using the garage. Being able to ask questions, learn more about how to look after their car and also about the work their car needs. Bram Racing prides itself on the level of customer service given and the high standard of attention to detail to each individual requirement – be it a family workhorse or a high performance top spec race car!

We asked Michelle a few quick questions about her company…..

1. What is your favourite car you’ve have had in for work?
“We have many amazing cars come in for alignment but one that stands out is the Nissan 350z drift car we sponsor, as the driver always gives us fantastic feedback on how well it performs due to the alignment setup and also how evenly the tyres have worn. This shows how important a good alignment setup can be.”

2. Does your company participate in any team activities outside of work? What events do you have planned for 2016?
“As mentioned, we sponsor a Nissan 350Z for drift events, by ensuring it’s aligned correctly when on the track. We compete in and help run safari events for the Northern Off Road Club

3. What is the most frequently asked question by a customer?
“Can you get my car back to feeling like it should again?”

“We love to see our customers happy with the work we’ve done and the service they’ve been given. We have actually had quite a few calls from customers on the way home from the garage to tell us how great the car feels!”

4. What is your “Top Tip” for any car owner?
“Get your car aligned by a Hunter four wheel aligner every 12 months or 12000 miles, or sooner if you think it doesn’t feel right! Get this done before your tyres start to wear unevenly.”

5. Anything else…?
“We believe that although having the right equipment is important to begin with, through experience of what our customers tell us, having that equipment serviced and calibrated regularly is just as important – maybe the most significant factor is having someone working the equipment that understands the mechanics of it all, and can get to the root of any problems that are out of the ordinary by using that knowledge.”

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  1. Keith Buutler June 3, 2016 at 11:21 pm #

    I own a seat Leon 2.0 TDI FR and use it to teach learner drivers ,for the first 3years I had it my ‘ reputable ‘ garage told me they couldn’t do anything about the tyre noise and the irregular tyre wear because this model same as golf GTI and Audi A3 all have the same problem .
    Then I taught Brad to drive and found out about HUNTER and BRAM RACING immediately after having my alignment reset no more tyre noise and perfectly wearing tyres BINGO . The service I receive is excellent and as they say the alignment is cheaper than replacing tyres all the time . Due to all the speed bumps and potholes scattered around the county I have any minor adjustments done about every 10 k miles to keep my baby running smooth and straight. My cars is on 200700 miles and goes like the proverbial clappers . Respect to Bram !!!!!

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