Can you explain the Hunter Printout?

For each alignment check, you the customer should be presented with two printouts;


  • ‘BEFORE’ – this printout shows the alignment readings of the vehicle straight ‘off the street’ with no adjustments
  • ‘AFTER’ – this printout shows the alignment readings, after adjustments have been made by the technician to get the alignment in line with the motor manufacturers specifications.


The Hunter alignment report / printout uses clear, easy to understand graphics.
Each angle measured, such as Camber, Caster Toe, etc is represented by a box or bar with a black arrow ‘hovering’ above. The colour of the bar can either be:

RED – denoting that the angle is out of the manufacturer’s specification and therefore out of alignment,


Green – denoting it is within the specification and therefore the alignment is OK.

The black arrow indicates by how much the angle it is in or out of the motor manufacturers specification.

The exact angle measurement figures are displayed centrally in the coloured bar. The small figures in the top left and right of the bar, are the to and from tolerances of the motor manufacturer specifications.

TIP: It is worth keeping all your alignment reports with your car documentation, as when it comes to sell your car, you can show it has been regularly checked and that the car is in good condition.


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