Check in for UK Road Safety Week

Безымянный-2Starting on 9th June, the UK’s Road Safety Week is set to take place next week. Organised by the Chief Fire Officers Association, the campaign will bring together many organisations such as local councils, emergency services and TyreSafe, who AlignMyCar are proud members of, with the purpose of helping road users ‘be safe out there’.
With the week long-focus on road safety, it’s an ideal time to think about checking your car over to make sure it’s roadworthy and performing at its best. Of course, having your wheels correctly aligned is a sensible place to start when making sure your car is set up as the vehicle manufacturer intended.

If you’ve not had your car aligned for a while, or if you’ve hit a kerb or large pothole recently, then road safety week may be the ideal time for an alignment check.
When your wheels are misaligned, your car’s driving characteristics may suffer, with road holding and stability potentially affected. Not only may this make the car unpredictable to drive, but it can also add to your motoring costs through increased tyre wear and greater fuel consumption.urbanjunglefeatured

As part of your car’s pre-alignment check, technicians should inspect a number of related items such as the condition of your tyres, your tyre pressures and any wear and tear on key suspension components. These are all key safety items, so as well as knowing that your alignment is set up correctly, you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that other elements of your car’s geometry are in good health.
So, if you haven’t had your car’s alignment checked recently, make the most of Road Safety Week and pay a visit to your nearest AlignMyCar centre.

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