Choose alignment, not luck, to keep you safe

safer_country_drivingAs St. Patrick’s day celebrations get into full swing, you might be considering how you can secure own ‘luck of the Irish.’ Whether you decide to maybe take a punt on the lottery, or even a flutter at Cheltenham this week, one area where you shouldn’t take a chance on is your car’s wheel alignment.
At AlignMyCar, we recommend that your car’s alignment is checked at least every 12,000 – 15,000 miles or once a year. It’s also highly recommended to have a check carried out after you knowingly hit a kerb or pothole, when you have new tyres fitted, when you have any steering or suspension components replaced or when your car has been involved in any form of accident or collision.
While saving you money is one of the reasons we recommend such regularity of checks, perhaps the more significant reason is the potential impact on your safety – certainly an area where you don’t want to be relying on luck alone!

Component inspection
With a Hunter four wheel alignment check, the first work carried out by your technician will be the ‘pre-alignment’ check. During this important step, a number of important components on your car will be examined to ensure they are in good condition and working order. These include your tyres, shock absorbers, track rod ends, wheel bearings and ball joints. These parts are all potentially safety critical components, so a regular inspection by a qualified technician can only be a good thing.

usedepthgaugeStopping and grip
Regular wheel alignment will also ensure that your tyres wear evenly and that their life is extended and maximised. By ensuring your tyres are in the best possible state, your car’s performance will be optimised, along with your safety on the road. Your stopping distances will be minimised, the risk of aquaplaning reduced and your car will be able to grip the road surface better, helping you corner more safely too.

Driver distraction
The final safety reason why you shouldn’t gamble with your alignment is related to your concentration at the wheel. If your car is misaligned, it may pull or drift to one side. This can be particularly distracting for the driver as they are forced to consciously correct the steering all of the time. By having your alignment checked regularly, this problem can be removed, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying the drive.
So, hopefully we’ve convinced you that luck’s no basis for your ongoing safety on the road. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, why not call into one of our 300+ centres around the UK for a wheel alignment check today, and you can be confident that you’ve made the best preparations for your safety on the road.

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