Dealers set for record sales month with launch of new ’17 registration

How time flies. It seems like only yesterday since we put the Christmas stockings away and now we find ourselves stumbling into spring with the arrival of March. And if the whispers in the motor industry are correct, flowers won’t be the only thing blooming as ’17 plate cars are launched right before a steep car tax increase on vehicles registered after April 1st.

Dealerships have braced for a surge of new custom which already comes on the back of the highest sales figures of new cars we have seen in the car market for over 6 years. There are obvious servicing benefits for the motorist with a new car too. An MOT exemption for 3 years and aftersales plans available direct from dealers mean that service work can easily be forgotten or not seen as a priority.

In truth, any vehicle new or old is still liable to general wear and tear irrespective of purchase date. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself behind the wheel of a ’17 plate car in the near future, make sure you consider an alignment check after 12 months or 10,000 miles when you’re scheduling the cars service plan.
If you have hit a pothole it may mean that your suspension assembly has taken a knock and the alignment of the vehicle is not set to how the manufacturer intended. It could mean that you’re using more fuel and wearing tyres quicker, ultimately costing you more because the new “efficient” engine is having to work much harder.
All our members listed on AlignMyCar are premium Hunter wheel alignment centres who not only have the correct equipment but the expertise and training to diagnose and reset any alignment error.

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