Top Tips for a safe summer drive

Michelin_s_summer__2622448bThis summer looks to be what we’ve all hoped, some serious sunshine and a chance to get away and explore somewhere new.
Indeed, according to the AA insurance group, the upcoming weeks are set to be the busiest the roads have seen in 2014 so it is vital that you make sure your vehicle is prepared for long drives and any eventuality.

Below, the AlignMyCar team have put together some summer driving ‘top-tips’ to help you when getting ready for your summer break.

Check your tyre tread and pressures

It may be the last thing on your mind when trying to pack and organise for your trip, but it is one of the most important steps of all. Without correct tyre maintenance, you risk a breakdown or even worse, an accident. Take a look in your vehicles handbook and match the tyre pressures that are advised by the motor manufacturer.
Tyre pressures can also be increased if carrying extra passengers or heavy luggage over long distances, by referring to your vehicle handbook tolerances will be given.

Whether preparing for a long drive or not, tyres should be checked every few weeks using the AA’s “Flower Power Guide” – click here to download the PDF.
It is always important to not only check the pressures, but the condition of the tyres too. Heat can intensify any existing damage to the rubber and cause problems for you on your break away – ALWAYS check tyres for damage before a big drive.

sunshineAlways keep a good pair of sunglasses in the car

Whether they help you with day to day visibility or wait in anticipation for a sunny day, sunglasses are one of the most important things you need in your car over the summer. Obviously they’re great for blocking out bright sun, but they’re also useful for blocking out the glare from a sun-kissed damp road too. A lot of sunshine means a lot of glare, especially around dawn and dusk when the sun is at it’s lowest points in the sky.

Watch out for cyclists

There are more on the road during the summer months, and they’re often families at the weekend. Cyclists out for a day trip don’t have as much experience on the road, and are more likely to be a little wobbly and can make last minute changes in any direction. Make sure you give them a wide berth where you can and reduce your speed a little.

Top fuel saving tip of the month – don’t open your windows unnecessarily

Opening windows on a motorway will create unnecessary drag on the car and thus use more fuel on your journey. On a hot, sticky day, try the air vents inside the car instead!


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