Fall in UK road ranking highlights need for alignment checks

photo_1332760127062-1-0With Britain’s roads in a seemingly worse state than ever, wheel alignment advice portal AlignMyCar.co.uk is reminding drivers of the damage that poor road condition can cause to their vehicles.

As UK roads continue to deteriorate it’s no surprise that the country’s ranking for road quality fell last year. According to a recent World Economic Forum report, the quality of UK roads has fallen behind those of countries including Croatia, Cyprus and Chile and is now on a par with those in the southern African state of Namibia.

Britain now sits at number 28 in the world rankings, falling from number 24 in 2012-13. With an apparent £10.5bn backlog in road maintenance in England and Wales, it is more important than ever to have your car’s wheel alignment checked regularly.

Offering advice to motorists, Kathryn Beaurain from AlignMyCar said: “With Government commitment to road maintenance clearly lacking, drivers will inevitably suffer the financial consequences. With damaged road surfaces creating greater stresses, wear and tear on vehicle  suspension and steering parts, the alignment of cars will change a lot quicker than usual, or dramatically in the case of hitting a pothole, all with the misalignment leading to a number of problems including premature, uneven tyre wear and increased fuel consumption, all of which will hit the motorists wallet hard.”

But it’s not just lack of funding affecting the state of the country’s roads. The recent stormy weather and flooding that has hit vast parts of the UK is set to cause even more damage to the beleaguered road network.

Kathryn added: “This really is a ‘perfect storm’ with damaging roads at the moment affecting not only drivers’ finances but also their safety, as misalignment can also cause the car to handle differently or become unstable in some circumstances . Proper car care, including regular wheel alignment checks, will help keep costs down in the long run and keep you safe on the road.

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