Get a spring in your step

driving_11After months of cold and wet driving conditions, it looks like spring is finally here. Many motorists will be celebrating the dryer, warmer days by dropping the roof on their convertible to feel the rush of the wind through their hair.

Many others who took the precaution of fitting winter tyres in the autumn to give them improved safety on the road, will now be thinking about switching back to their summer tyres. And if you’re one of these, then it’s also a good time to consider having your alignment checked as well.

Following one of the wettest winters on record, the UK’s roads have been left in a dire state of disrepair, with thousands of potholes doing their best to upset your car’s alignment. Not only that, but due to general wear and tear, a car’s wheels will become misaligned, meaning they should be checked at least once a year or around every 12,000 miles.

What’s more, if you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of buying a new set of tyres for your car, not having a proper four wheel alignment means you won’t get the maximum life out of your tyres.

So, to protect your winter and summer tyre investment, make sure you have your alignment checked when you switch back this spring.

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