Is your car at the top of the class for the new term?

Traffic Caused By Driving  Children to SchoolIt’s back to school once again and all over the country family cars will be pressed into service on the daily school run. If you’re making one of the 11 million journeys between home and school that the charity Sustrans estimates are made every day, it’s vital to check that you’re safe and legal for the road.

AlignMyCar is proud to be a member of road safety group TyreSafe, which recently published news from one of our fellow members who had conducted a roadside survey of cars dropping off children at a Shropshire primary school, and found that a shocking 30 per cent were fitted with illegal tyres.

Tyres can wear quickly and excessively for a number of reasons, one of which is poor alignment of the wheels. When the car’s tyres are misaligned, they often wear irregularly across the width of the tread – sometimes taking drivers like the surveyed parents whose tyres were discovered to be illegal, by surprise.

Treating your car to a four-wheel alignment will restore its geometry to the manufacturer’s original settings, which will not only help to prevent extreme or unusual tyre wear but will bring back that factory fresh feeling to the ride, handling and steering.

Of course you should perform regular tyre checks to ensure that deterioration never gets out of hand and becomes illegal. Measure and adjust your tyre pressures at least once a month according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which can usually be found in the handbook, behind the fuel filler flap or inside the driver’s door.

Keep an eye on your tread depth, too – as the grooves wear down, their ability to clear water safely will be significantly reduced, so it’s worth considering new tyres well before they reach the legal minimum of 1.6mm. Carefully inspect your tyres for any signs of damage such as cuts, lumps, bulges or any objects embedded in the tread. If you see anything you’re not sure about, visit your nearest AlignMyCar centre and ask a qualified professional for their advice.

If you take care of your wheels and tyres, they’ll take care of your precious school run cargo!

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