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Jet Wheel Tyre, Benfleet

Jet Wheel Tyre, Benfleet

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Jet Wheel Tyre is a family run business that started with a single unit in 1989, now it has expanded to three depots across the South East. The flagship store in Benfleet, has won the Pirelli Performance Centre of the Year twice and maintains a Pirelli Performance Centre Platinum award.

Selling a huge range of products and services for cars, including: tyres, wheels, four wheel alignment, exhausts, brakes, wheel straightening, air conditioning refill and repair. Jet Wheel Tyre may be a small, family run business, however they stand tall in their market place matching or beating larger companies on price, variety and most importantly, the service.

Jet Wheel Tyre stock or can order (usually by the next day) a huge range of tyres to suit every need. From the obvious car and motorbike tyres, to tyres for wheelbarrows, sit on lawn mowers and light commercial tyres.

Benfleet and Pitsea branches have recently been refurbished allowing more workshop space and a wonderfully comfy waiting room to use while waiting.

We asked Cliff Crane from Jet Wheel Tyres a few questions…


1. What is your favourite car you have had in for work?

“We had an Audi r8 in last week for new tyres, alignment and brakes. This is an awesome car, the sound it makes is amazing! It looks incredible”


The Pirelli Cool Wall

The Pirelli Cool Wall

2. Does your company participate in any team activities outside of work? What events do you have planned for 2016?

“Our Rayleigh team have a regular trip to the Karting track. They enjoy a team bonding experience which I’m sure will continue for many years.”


3. What is the most frequently asked question by a customer?

“What’s the best tyre for my car?”

“We will always come back to them with what type of driving do you do so we can advise the best type of tyre for their car. You would not choose the same type of tyre if you mainly use your car for short trips around town as you would if you clock up the miles on a motorway, or you have a sports car or 4×4.”

Urban driving – you are looking for a tyre that is subject to frequent stop and start conditions and deals with obstacles. So you would focus on a tyre that ensures good breaking distances and is robust to deal with the frequent stop/start conditions.

Driving on Motorways – you are looking for a tyre that holds speed, length of journeys and the density of traffic during holiday periods. So you would focus on a tyre that has great longevity, driving comfort and breaking distance.

Sports car – You need a tyre that delivers excellent levels of grip and a fast steering response.

4×4 – you will have a large choice of tyres that will need to consider the load of the vehicle.

Winter Tyres are a safe investment – most manufacturers offer a winter tyre. These tyres ensure a safe drive as soon as the average temperature drops below 7 degrees. Admittedly, this purchase represents an investment, but will quickly pay for itself: in safety and also since you save your summer tyres.


Ferrari having a wheel alignment

Ferrari having a wheel alignment

4. What is your “Top Tip” for any car owner

“We have a few!!”

“Stay pumped – under inflated tyres reduce performance and require more petrol. Keep them properly inflated in increase your miles per gallon.

Check for uneven tread wear – worn suspension or incorrect wheel alignment will cut tyre life.  Incorrect wheel alignment also increases drag on the tyres and so fuel consumption goes up too.

Keep a hand sanitizer in the car. It is not only handy for instant spills, sticky fingers and keeping away germs but it can be used to remove ice.

Wiper blades wear down over time and smear the windscreen if they become worn. Replace them at least once a year for best performance.

Check all lights weekly. Don’t forget indicators, brake and fog lights. Clean lights regularly. In bad weather wipe them over with a damp cloth during driving breaks.”

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