Love your car this valentines day

There’s no doubt that us Brits love our cars.
In January, car sales in the UK have surged to a 12 year high making us one of the strongest players in the entire European market. Vehicle manufacturers spend more money on new lines to meet our demands, and we lap it up! But what do all these new cars on the road really mean for drivers?
Despite significant government investment, our already strained road network is under greater pressure to cope with a larger number of vehicles and congestion is now considered a normality in our daily commute… and it has an effect on our purse strings too. Personally, over 6 million of us have suffered serious damage from the state of the road network which costs us an average of over £100 each visit to fix. In addition, tyre sales have boomed in the last 3 years and with the market now estimated to be well over £6 billion a year, it would be a fair assumption to think that tyre manufacturers are cashing in on the state of the roads.

So driving costs a lot of money, but should this mean we just pay more and be happy with it?
There are things you can do to minimise the running costs of your vehicle and even reset your driving experience back to that ‘new car’ feel! A full four wheel alignment is the perfect solution to extending tyre life and improving your fuel consumption (plus minimises all your suspension related wear and tear) because you are effectively resetting the vehicle back to the way the motor manufacturer intended. On UK roads, when you inevitably hit a pothole there’s a possibility that your car will no longer drive the way it should because, by knocking a wheel or critical suspension part, you are in effect ‘dragging’ your car across the road. This, in turn, increases your fuel cost because the engine is having to generate greater force to move forward, not to mention the tyre wear!!

On this Valentine’s Day, even though you can’t change the limitless potholes, you can treat your car to the love and care it deserves! All our members listed on the AlignMyCar website map not only have Hunter alignment equipment but are fully trained alignment specialists who will be able to help and explain if there is any alignment or suspension work that could be completed to help you both to save and improve on your drive!

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