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MG Cannon

MG Cannon

Highly respected, multi-award winning and boasting four bodyshops across the country, MG Cannon are a group of manufacturer approved paint and body centres providing quality assured repairs to passenger cars, fleets and light commercial vehicles.

Operating from four main bodyshops in Dorchester, Plymouth, Salisbury and Westbury, they are approved by 34 leading manufacturer brands including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Tesla, Audi and Volkswagen as well as holding two BSI Kitemark accreditations.

After recently making the purchase of various Hunter wheel alignment and wheel servicing equipment across all four of their bodyshops, MG Cannon have just subscribed to AlignMyCar. As approved major accident damage specialists, they are equipped to carry out a whole range of repairs, therefore, they are strong advocates when it comes to educating their customers on tyre safety and the benefits of four wheel alignment.

MG Cannon

MG Cannon Plymouth

We asked Juliet Harris, Group Marketing Co-ordinator at MG Cannon a few questions…

MG Cannon

In your opinion, how important is getting a four-wheel alignment done in your opinion?

It is absolutely critical. Now more than ever, from the driver assistance and safety technology in the car that requires calibration to simply the cost of unnecessarily replacing worn tyres, correct wheel alignment is the first step and the whole basis of ensuring these critically important safety features protect the passengers and car as the manufacturers intended.

We know it can be tempting to downplay the importance of wheel alignment, dismissing it as an inconvenient cost or time delay that you can do without. After all, your car still gets you from A-B ok, even if the journey isn’t exactly smooth, straight, or cost-efficient. Yet, to keep driving without checking the wheels are correctly aligned could be risky and expensive, putting yourself, your passengers and other road users in serious danger.

Having your vehicle professionally aligned with the manufacturer’s exacting specifications is essential. Checking your wheel alignment regularly will save you money by significantly extending the life of your tyres, improving fuel consumption and preventing safety issues caused by poor handling, steering or calibration with the latest safety systems in your cars like radar, cameras and displays.

What is the most frequently asked question you have received by a customer?

Do you do wheel alignment and ADAS calibration here?

Can I book my car in for a check please?

What is your ‘top tip’ for any car owner?

Look out for these warning signs: Especially if you have been involved in a car accident of any size, hit a curb or driven over a pothole or a speed bump too quickly.

  • Check your tyre pressures, are they even and to the manufacturers stated pressure levels?
  • Does your car now pull to the left or right when driving?
  • Are your tyres wearing faster than you expected or starting to show uneven tyre wear?
  • Does your steering wheel seem off centre even though you’re driving straight?
  • Does your car steering vibrate at higher speeds or when you are accelerating?

MG Cannon  MG Cannon   MG Cannon

If any of this sounds familiar that could well be a sign that your wheels are misaligned, meaning its time you thought about bringing the car in for realignment.

Tyre misalignment means your tyres often work against each other so that your engine has to work harder to get the car to move at the same speed as before. The harder the engine works, the more fuel you burn up, and the more fuel you burn up, the more you spend at the pump to replace it.

When you invest in a comprehensive wheel alignment service, your engine won’t have to put as much effort in, making your car safer, much more fuel efficient and more cost-effective.

How much would you recommend AlignMyCar?

We would definitely recommend customers choose a wheel alignment from a professional company listed on AlignMyCar. The potential safety benefits are always the most important consideration.

MG Cannon

MG Cannon Dorchester

If you would like to find out more about MG Cannon and their four bodyshops, visit You can also find them on AlignMyCar as a Hunter approved alignment centre across their four sites via these areas and postcodes:

Westbury – BA13 4JR

Salisbury – SP2 7NU

Plymouth – PL21 9GS

Dorchester – DT1 1XU

Find your nearest alignment centre at

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