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What are the benefits of wheel alignment?

Find out what the benefits of having a full four wheel alignment are. If your tyres are wearing or going bald, if your car is pulling or you have a crooked steering wheel, the chances are your car is suffering from misalignment. But you cannot always tell just by looking – so get it checked out.

The Wheely Good Show

The nutty professor talks through the causes of misalignment, the problems it can cause for your car and what you can do to solve them.

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What is a Hunter Alignment?

Pro-Align’s technician James takes you through the key steps of a Hunter 4 Wheel Alignment.

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Your Hunter Printout Explained

A short video explaining your Hunter printout and what it all means!

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What causes misalignment?

Cars wheels can go out of alignment for many reasons, even every day wear and tear.

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Why do cars need an alignment?

On all vehicles the geometry can move out of alignment, this is commonly known as misalignment. There are several reasons why cars become misaligned, this video explains.

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What is the Camber Angle?

Camber is the amount of ’tilt’ of the wheel, one way or the other. This is an angle that can be measured and adjusted, following a four wheel alignment check on your car.

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What is the Caster Angle?

The angle between a line drawn from the car suspension strut to the ground (pivot point) and the tyre contact point.

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