Part worn tyres: it’s not worth the risk

partworn stamp

Stamped to standard, but are they good enough?

Pressure on finances following the expense of Christmas can be considerable and other areas of expenditure become squeezed. Far too often, buying replacement tyres is seen by many as a frustrating and costly expense so try to get away with paying as little as possible, especially this time of year, many may take the decision to opt for part worn tyres rather than buying new.

When you consider the vital safety role that tyres play and that they are the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road surface, (especially in wet and the less favourable conditions of winter) this attitude is somewhat questionable. AlignMyCar has been a proud member of TyreSafe for a number of years and we were pleased to see the recent launch of their new website highlighting the dangers of buying part worn tyres.

Tyres are highly engineered products and extreme care and attention is taken by manufacturers to ensure that drivers are provided with a safe and predictable product. While regulations do exits for the sale of part worn tyres in the UK, as a number of Trading Standards investigations have shown that many retailers are not following these guidelines, risking the safety of those fitting the tyres and other road users.

At AlignMyCar, we support the tyre industry’s stance on part worn tyres and recognise that you simply don’t know the condition of used tyres, and if they are safe or not. If cost if a concern when replacing your tyres, we’d recommend you discuss your requirements with one of our centres so they can advise on the best new tyre to match your circumstances and needs.

Of course, when you are replacing your tyres, don’t forget to have your wheel alignment checked at the same time. If your wheels are misaligned then your tyres will wear out quicker than normal and any financial savings you may have made could be wiped out by having to replace them sooner than necessary.

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