Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Car lovers

Looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a car lover?

Here at AlignMyCar, we have put together a list of 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the car lover in your life that will be sure to never make them tire of you!

Valentine's Day Gift

1. Personalised Garage Sign

If you have a car lover who particularly loves to work on cars in the garage, then get them a gift they can be truly proud of.

We found this personalised sign from Etsy, which you can personalise yourself with your partner’s name and it will certainly make impressions!

You can find the personalised sign here.

2. Maintenance Gift Package

A really fun and creative idea, although probably not the most exciting gift idea on our list.

However, it may not seem exciting at first, but when it’s all been nicely wrapped in a package, your partner will see how much effort you have put in.

You can collect a series of car maintenance items such as:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Car wash formula
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Windscreen washer fluid
  • Rags for car cleaning
  • Ice scraper

Add other little items into a wooden box or bucket and Viola! A perfect car gift!

3. Bluetooth Headset

The perfect gift for someone who is always on the road. A Bluetooth headset will allow a driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel, whilst talking on the phone. Whether your lover has a long commute to work, or they travel a lot for work, they will love the ability to be able to talk to you whilst staying safe and hands-free.

We found a selection of ones on the Halfords website here.

4. Car driving experience

If physical gifts are not your lover’s thing, then why not treat them to an experience they will never forget!

From ultimate driving experiences at Silverstone Circuit, off-road adventures to supercar driving experiences, you can plan a perfect daytime date around a car experience every car lover will appreciate.

You can find a whole selection on the Virgin Experiences’ website here.

5. Car Coffee Mug

Little quirky gifts like mugs can be great for stand-alone gifts or as part of a bunch of Valentine’s gifts.

Your lover can take pride in their car-themed mug as they sip their morning coffee at work.

When searching for examples, we absolutely loved this Tyre Thermo Mug, which is ideal to take with you on the road.

6. Wi-Fi Dash Cam

A useful, but a handy tech gift whether it’s used for recording accidents, or for making fellow motorists internet-famous!

Easy-to-use and easy to set up, instantly record what’s happening on the road as soon as you turn your car on. It can be mounted to the steering wheel or dashboard for straight-forward recording.

We found a good selection to choose from on the Currys PC World website here.

7. 1001 Drives You Must Experience Before You Die Paperback

Buy them the gift of travel inspiration!

Not all trips need to be taken by aeroplane. We found this book and thought it would be good reading material, but it could also be the start of some new adventures in 2019.

You can find it on Amazon here. 

8. Car detailing

What a treat to get a clean car! If you want to treat your partner to a super-duper clean of their car, why not buy them a gift certificate from a nearby car detailer who can spruce up their car ready for the road.

You can usually find discounted detailing services on Groupon.

9. Coffee table

Another DIY project you can get your hands on!

If your partner appreciates handmade gifts that can easily fit in with your lifestyle, then why not create a DIY Coffee Table for the living room, dining room, or even for their garage!

Again, it shows you have made an effort and it’s ideal for placing all your bits and bobs on (like coffee, obviously!)

Here’s a useful YouTube video we found that shows how you can achieve this.

10. A Hunter Wheel Alignment

We had to commit the last gift in promoting our own services! But why not give the gift of aligned tyres for your special someone.

Whether you pay for it upfront, or you go and take their car to your nearest centre to get it done, your partner will be amazed by the results thanks to Hunter alignment equipment.

Treat your lover to a Hunter Wheel Alignment by finding your nearest centre at

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