What To Expect

what to expect

What can I expect from a Hunter Four Wheel Alignment?

The centre will establish that the car is align able – i.e. a pre-alignment check. The detail of this check may be model specific, but would ensure that tyre pressures are checked, tyre wear highlighted any worn steering or suspension components are identified (Note 1). A standard job is considered as: A full four-wheel measurement and diagnosis of all 12 – 14 angles with the presentation of a ‘Before’ printout. Problem areas are then identified and highlighted with you, the customer.

In the majority of cases the adjustment of front individual toe and straightening the steering wheel (Note 2) is part of the standard alignment measurement. Further adjustment requirements / work will be discussed and additional costs agreed (i.e. amount per hour, or cost per camber adjustment etc.) to carry out the work and do the adjustments. After completion an ‘After’ adjustments printout will be presented.

Note 1: Recommendation – do not drive some distance to the Hunter Four Wheel Alignment Centre when you know that there are worn suspension parts present. Under this situation ring and discuss the position with the centre. It may be they are fully equipped to do these pre alignment repairs. It may be recommended that you get suspension remedial work (loose wheel bearings, worn anti-roll bar bushes, worn ball joints or track rod ends etc.) replaced locally first. Following this up with the a full four wheel alignment on the Hunter aligner.

Note 2: Where the car has the steering rack incorrectly connected to the steering column or the steering wheel has been removed and incorrectly positioned previously would involve an additional charge. Where the toe adjusters are not serviceable – i.e. corroded solid then new parts may need fitting – additional charge. Please note that although we endorse the Hunter Imaging System, we are not able to recommend alignment centres, only provide guidance on their locations. All centres are independently owned and operate to their own standards.

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