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Misalignment can affect car handling and can potentially make the car unsafe. A pre suspension system inspection is part of the full alignment procedure; so helps to highlight any worn or damaged parts before they cause a more costly problem.

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Many handling problems can be corrected by a four wheel alignment and with the geometry algined properly to the motor manufacturers specifications, you can enjoy that new car feel!

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By preventing premature tyre wear (and early tyre disposal), improving fuel economy and minimising carbon emissions, it not only reduces the cost of motoring, but will help the environment too!

About AlignMyCar

AlignMyCar is a dedicated information portal helping motorists understand about proper four wheel alignment and its importance as an ‘essential’ service for your car.

It is clear that standards of alignment servicing available to motorists can vary considerably in the high street today, and so by using the ‘Locator’ you can find your nearest four wheel alignment centre, using the world leading premium Hunter imaging alignment equipment.

UK & Ireland have been lagging behind the rest of the world not only in motorists recognising the need for it but in terms of the number and quality of professional wheel alignment service centres available.

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